Maxim Buyan

Dhakka, Bangladesh


Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Mathematics with Physics Concentration.

Interesting Project



1. Reverting to Islam. Opened my eyes and helped to believe in God. With faith in God life became so much easier and better in general. 2. Moving to the States. It was a dream since my childhood. When I realized I'd be a PBA student I was happy like I'd never been before. 3. Living alone. Helped me to realize that you have to be responsible in life. Truly helped me to build character and to start looking at the things from different perspective.

Career Goal

I would like to make money.

Technical Skills

  • Make more money.
  • Make x2 more money.
  • Make x3 more money.
  • Make x4 more money.
  • Make x5 more money.

Classes of Interest



Places Visited:

1)Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain.

2)The Kremlim, Moscow, Russia.

Planning to Visit: